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Why you need to start acknowledging your past.

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Every been told by a loved one, or a friend to stay quiet about your dark past? I have and I'm here to tell you STOP LISTENING NOW!

Your Past Is what Made you

" Start to own your story. Don't feel ashamed or keep it hush hush. You've worked too hard to get out of that dark space and become who you are now. Imagine who you might ne inspiring."- Tore'

Whatever happened in your past definitely made you stronger and more wiser now. Trying to put the past behind you will only allow room for you to start to hate who you were back then, when in reality that person helped you.

Start to Love the person you were in the past

Loving the person you were in the past is hard, trust me i know. I look back on certain events that happen to me and think, " why the hell did i ever let that shit happen to me!" But realize that person didn't know any better back then what you now. That person needed time and life to teach them a lesson that sometimes no family member or book can teach.

Loving your Past self Doesn't mean you'll Re-become Her!

Now let me clear, taking the time to reflect and love who you were back then doesn't mean I'm suggesting that you become who you were before you knew any better! You can't! I'm suggesting that you stop being so hard on yourself for not knowing any better, for not being taught or given certain opportunities others were fortunate to have.

How do I do this? How do i Start to love my Past Self?

Meditate, Draw, Workout, do something that literally makes you zone out and your able to have a clear mind. Now think about a time when you weren't who you are currently in life right now. Focus in how how you use to feel, how you use to think, how you use to allow certain circumstances run over you. Now realize that you were vulnerable and unknowing of your true strengths and talents. Now instead of mocking your old self i want you to say these affirmations 5 times each.

" I forgive myself for my past decisions and actions."
" I release my past shame, anger, guilt, and embarrassment."
" I approach myself with patience and understating and know i am growing everyday."
"I am a good person, past, present, and future."

And that's it. Do this as many times as you need, for myself i like to start my day with reflection and yoga while ending with repeating these affirmations. But i also want to leave you with this thought. Your story can and will inspire someone who you least expect. So own your story, you worked to hard to get were you are now.

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